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How do we take all those inspirational ideas we learn in our yoga classes about the philosophical application to our lives and live our yoga? It has and will continue to be a journey for me as it will to you. I hope my words can comfort you and help you along that path...

May 18, 2017


Where are you...

in your practice, 

your life? 

Are you present, 


still in your heart? 

Maybe you are scared to move out of a stagnant place, pose or person?

You don't have to see the whole path. 

You just have to take the first step...

Asana practice is very external when you first begin...

where your foot is placed, 

where the gaze is rested, 

what you do with that flailing limb. 

We watch our instructors with ardent fervor as we learn the names of poses, how to adjust the pinch in our backs or that aching knee.  

But there is a background reel playing the entire time...)the brain doesn't work well with multitasking). So when the brains starts reminding you of your fears, your anxieties, your tension, your discomfort, your emotions...

well then, 

quite frankly, 

we misstep in our practice, 

we fall, 

we get hurt. 

Mind, Body & Spirit

...with the slightest discomfort (mental or physical), embarassment arises or even self admonishment...  

we back off... 

from a pose, person...even a situa...

May 11, 2017

The locks... 

Root for my security and stability...

Sacral and Solar to revive and ignite my energy...

Throat to keep my damn mouth shut somedays. 

These are easy, right? Well sometimes. 

I have been hushed as a teacher...

"I am trying to engage my mula bandha...don't distract me. 


There are others as well?"

We often have to hyper focus to learn to activate our far reaching limbs...especially if our proprioception needs a little tweaking. 

Pada Banda ignites the feet and legs... even those cute glutes! It ties in the lower body, unites the entire system and brings power and stability to a pose. 

I got so tickled last week when my friend said he loved my feet. (My "flintstone feet" as they were dubbed by friends at a young age and I grew to self loathe). I asked if he was crazy and he said you are always flexing your feet and spreading your toes. 

Once you purposefully start to use your bandhas, the body remembers them. This muscle memory kicks into action after a while and begins to stabili...

May 11, 2017

I definitely feel like had I had the waves crashing in my ears and the wet sand beneath my feet whenever I needed it, there would have been a lot less "growing pains" (and i use that term loosely bc most days it felt like utter wreckage) the past ten years of my life. I have always felt a "pull" to the shore. It is so hard to explain, but i was finally able to articulate it in words a few days ago. 

This place, and this beach is the one I walked so much as a child with my family. Itwas time time of deep breaths and nurturing smiles from my mother. 

But that all ended in 5th grade when she started cheating on my father and then drinking excessively from the guilt. Her straying forced my father back home from his building homes here. 

It stopped the ocean visits. 

I have never...

never been able to release the ache and pull to be back here. To the place when things were good in my life.

Its seems almost divine intervention that my dear friend Holly offered her beach house to our YTT class at...

May 2, 2017

Fortitude. Bullheaded. Obstinate. OCD. Determined. Focused. Eager. Type A. Head Strong. Stubborn. Strong Willed. Dictatorial. Tenacious. Inflexible. Unrealistic. Hard Headed. Rigid. Unyielding. Perseverant. Steadfast. Resolute. Staunch. Mulish. 

Time and again for years, my creative energies were squashed. Project after project abandoned due to the "logistics". 


and over. 

"That won't work. This is impossible. Are you crazy? It's not worth the time it will take."


It will work if I try. 

Impossible only means I AM possible, if we believe it to be. 

Yes! I AM crazy. Thank you very much. 


It is ALWAYS worth the time, if it makes me happy. 

We let people...

label us

tell us what will work and won't

keep us in check, because they feel if we shine too brightly, it will take away their glory

make us feel unreasonable and ill equipped

We let go of our control because we begin to believe we are incapable. 

If we attack life with love and passion...

All things are possible!

So find your dhar...

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