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How do we take all those inspirational ideas we learn in our yoga classes about the philosophical application to our lives and live our yoga? It has and will continue to be a journey for me as it will to you. I hope my words can comfort you and help you along that path...

August 24, 2017

It DOES usually begin because we want to change the outward... 

the jello legs, the protruding belly, maybe that aggravating excess that hangs out of our bras, the inability to sleep, the drive to choke your boss... 

maybe even your impatience with your children. 

Some people begin because it is their "doctor's orders" 

(or rather the last solution to try)

My yoga began 13 years ago...

I was teaching school, standing on concrete floors all day. My back hurt constantly... my feet. My stress level was off the charts because I had three mentees, head of two committees and had a class of 7 EC students, 8 AIG and a smattering between. And yes...IEPs for all of them that required lengthly documentation. I also had a hearing impaired student who required a full time staff support to sit beside him who parroted every word I said as well as a speaker that was connected to a mic I wore at all times. 

I had never heard of Yoga. 

A friend recommended a local Pilates class, boasting a stronger core would e...

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