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How do we take all those inspirational ideas we learn in our yoga classes about the philosophical application to our lives and live our yoga? It has and will continue to be a journey for me as it will to you. I hope my words can comfort you and help you along that path...

December 12, 2017

Some of us bounce out of bed, ready to attack the world...

Some of us slowly crawl, rub, manipulate, ache, poke and prod, massage and coax. 

And others have a team of professionals that help us care for our whole body wellness so as we age, 

we can gracefully flow through our days with ease and contentment... 

mornings, evenings, 

our whole busy, filled days. 

I used to tell my students in Sanford that my triad of wellness professionals was my massage therapist Crystal, my chiropractor Andre and my vitamins and supplents guru, Mary. 

Crystal could get so deep under my shoulder blade to work out those 400 weekly chaturangas... 

the tinest shift allowing her access to deep rooted tension. Tension that built to no patience, edginess... even anger at times. 

Andre could make one tiny adjustment and all my strange pains like my left middle toe or a tweaky shoulder,  disappear. He could even adjust my collar bone for a micro breath enhancement. What yogi doesn’t love that? 

Mary created a combination...

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