the "Luna" Cycle

March 9, 2017

In my little garden grows the reddest of blood, Luna hibiscus. You see, my passion for plants was seeded at a young age and until now, I have never found one as beautiful. I discovered this flower in my ex husband's grandmother's back yard years ago and adored this enormous bush often when I visited her. She was my haven in Ohio amongst family I felt estranged from. She was the only member of the family I felt truly accepted my daughter and myself, wholeheartedly.


I had a traveler’s soul- always searching for more, but a desperate, home sick longing to belong…

a comfort unfulfilled, a need for a peaceful spirit. Just like in my life, I hunted this particular variation of the Luna for years after until I finally was able to secure a handful of pods from Grandma’s garden to bring to my own new home several states away.


I was able to germinate the seeds I had delicately gathered. I planted, invested hopes, watched carefully and nurtured, only to have each new plant wither and die. For five years I have tended these seeds, each time I gently pressed one tiny seed into the fresh earth meant one less I had in my safekeeping. Silent wishes, this one would be the one.


Miraculously two years ago, one finally, not only took, but thrived! I had tried many locations, blends of earth, variants of water supplies and nutrients to enrich…and now I found the perfect combination. I have since been able to share this plant's seeds. New variations thrive and surprise me with their charming colors but ever a thread of that blood red veining through.


As each of us, my Luna has traveled great distances to find a home. A home where the soul resides.


be at peace, plant your roots, share your blessings and inspirations...

Plant your seeds, tend them where you go- don’t count and hoard them as I did, painfully planting each one knowing there was a chance of failure, a chance they will not thrive…


There are always more, in the heart. As they bloom in your little garden-search for that vein of red, that offering from your heart. However faint and always know that thread of love and peace are there with you, speaking to you, a kindred spirit and reminding you to never give up, be love, know love, allow yourself to love…





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