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Meet Studio Owner/Lead Instructor, Micki Beach, E-RYT

Micki found yoga thirteen years ago when her many health issues including back pain and insomnia made her elementary education teaching career intolerable. She has since slowly grown her personal yoga practice over the years, attending many different classes, workshops and trainings with various teachers Like Shiva Rea, Kathryn Budig, and Ray Long of Bandha Yoga.


She was initially certified as a PiYo instructor, and was excited to be fortunate enough to teach a class that empowered her mind and strengthened her body. Yoga changed her life! She continued her training over the years, receiving her Yoga Alliance 200 Hr Teacher certification, as well as several certifications in Practical Yoga, Yoga Essentials I & II, and Pre/Post Natal Yoga Certification. She has also completed the Primary Group Instructors Certification which focuses on the science behind exercise...anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. In 2014, she completed over 35 hours of intensive training with Ray Long, MD, delving deeper into Anatomical Yoga!  In 2017, Micki trained with Dharma Richards to attain her Yoga Warriors certification to help those with Post Traumatic Stress heal through yoga.


Micki opened Tree of Life Yoga Studio (RYS/Registered Yoga Studio) in Sanford, NC over 7 years ago. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and a NC Certified Elementary Ed Teacher. As her studio has grown, she has been fortunate enough to lead a team of 5 yoga instructors who worked at her studio and she has lead two sessions of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

She is proud to offer more than just your average yoga classes. "I get to know each person as an individual so I can create a yoga program that is suited to their individual needs. I offer modifications, variations and detailed prop instruction in all my classes so everyone can find the best yoga for their body. I also offer multi level classes perfect for the beginner or the seasoned yogi and I believe in a nurturing and supportive, non-competitive environment that facilitates growth in mind, body and spirit.“

Since relocating her yoga studio to Oak Island, NC, she has  incorporated new Teen Yoga Classes, Kids’ Yoga classes called Yoga Monkeys and Partner Yoga classes at her studio. Her background and teaching experience of over 3000 group and private yoga classes, enables her to bring a more knowledgeable and skilled instruction to your practice.

Micki has created Tree of Life in order to open up the elusive world of yoga, and all it’s wonderful forms to the mainstream public. "Eliminating any stigma or misconception is my goal and making the amazing benefits of yoga available to all.”


“Micki’s classes are much different than any I have taken in my twenty year yoga practice. Her detailed instruction and training is based on current research and she teaches in such a skilled way, her classes are accessible for all levels.”

Each of us, a tree, connected to all life forms, all encompassing...

we are a message from the natural world, all things affect all things, each of us unique, while part of one… our roots firmly, deeply, planted in Mother Earth, ground us with our pain and struggles, linking us to our past…then slowly a seedling emerges, tender yet strong… prosperous with energy and health…we thrive upwards, maintaining a protective layer until we diverge and spring from a fork, new branches…growth…desiring to reach for the  light…our buds yield leaves, positive energy gives rise and spreads our well being…bringing our fruits to the world, lessons of our spirit, hope for our future of never ending joy and happiness... we have a right to exist, living harmoniously, vibrant on this summit, a responsibility to grow ourselves- be ourselves…we may all appear the same, but we grow, thrive and change, battered by weather and storms, often becoming broken, aged, yet unique- individuated- our own unique self rising, fitting right into the niche where we are needed and meant to be, our family tree, our tree of life ….diverse and joined, where we come from and what comes from us…

in this sameness, we find compassion, and in our differences, we find wonder… Namaste’ ... Micki 

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Micki Beach, owner and operator of Tree of Life Yoga in historic Jonesboro, NC

jokes that her studio is

"the best kept secret in Sanford". 

Meet Micki and see what sets her apart from the rest!

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To alleviate symptoms of combat stress (COSR), post-traumatic stress (PTS) and increase the resilience of critical task performers working in high stress environments, including affected caregivers and family members by providing evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices.

Micki is currently certified as a Yoga Warriors Teacher.

 Please call 910-366-3664 for details.





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The Sanford Herald 

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May 24, 2016 

Former Location:

126 West Main Street 

Sanford, NC


est. 2011


Micki Beach, E-RYT, YWT, SUPY


Now Located at:

Island Healing

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