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"This is a milestone, Micki. Your book has been assigned an ISBN number and is now entered into the Library of Congress! You ARE an author. <3 Congrats, my friend, on this achievement!"

--Carol Pearson

The first time is always the hardest.

The relentless refusal but utter knowing we need something, anything, more in our lives. 

We turn to diets, pills, therapy… anything just to find some answers. But what if i told you the answers have and always lie, within YOU! 

I invite you to take an amazing journey with me. Hand in hand we will walk down an enlightening path of self discovery through some honest revelations with some basic movements, to free the physical body and thus the spiritual heart. 

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This book will offer you insight into how we all share a common desire; a need if you will that lies deeply planted within us but yet so easily accessible anyone can nurture and encourage into a truth that is so liberating it will shine forth like a beacon of light. 

Are you ready? 

10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth launched on February 21.

“After I had my baby I was interested in getting into shape to keep up with my daughter. I had always loved yoga, and I decided to give PiYo a try. To this day, nearly eight years later Micki remains the best yoga instructor I’ve had. Her attention to her students’ individual needs, strengths and limitations is extra-ordinary. Under her care, my body transformed, my mind cleared, and my interest in my personal health and well-being was deepened. Micki and her classes are both grounded, and enthusiastically energetic. It’s rare to find someone who can find that graceful balance. Invite her into your life, treasure her nurturing spirit, and watch yourself bloom.”
Rebecca, 2/6/2020

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Our studio is equipped with a full range of props and mats that are always free for your use! Our class sizes are limited to allow you plenty of space and to ensure our instructors can give you

the proper attention and engaged instruction. 

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