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How do we take all those inspirational ideas we learn in our yoga classes about the philosophical application to our lives and live our yoga? It has and will continue to be a journey for me as it will to you. I hope my words can comfort you and help you along that path...

September 3, 2019

I still get amazed at others’ greed, self centeredness, arrogance, rudness...

superiority...(feel free to add here).  

I find my center,

I breathe so I don’t throat punch people,

I stretch and release the knots of frustration trapped in my body, 

I fold to humble my rising ego...

I do ALL these things... 

so I can be better...

more peaceful to others. 

My type A and OCD personality is too BIG for many, so I find peace in the storms through my breath and my mat. 


I am tossed right back into that sea of churning waves of chaos of others when they present to me (as an entitlement), exactly what I work so hard to shield them from...

in me. 

My pre-yogi nature emerges and says ”what gives you the right?” (and a few other nasty words)

....and then that saying comes back to me...”forgive them, they don’t know any better”. 

That’s hard....

YOU don’t deserve me on my bad days or even moments. I have learned to step back, reflect, soften my heart. 


I know the pain you hold makes you bitter and mean...

November 28, 2018

a micro millimeter... 

a brushstroke... 

a flinch we unknowingly pick up on from another...

all can have monumental reprocussions. 

a shift is defined as...

move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance


a slight change in position, direction, or tendency. 

My life is filled with these shifts. Imperceivable to most. But some of them are loud,  intentional, demanded, frustratingly coaxed. The perfection of those pictures hanging exactly 16 1/2 inches apart and 2 2/3 inches from the corner of the window frame (not the top).

This shift eliminates a flood of anxiety in my heart that comes from the daily hours spent staring at this wall as I teach. 

I know this. My last studio had a picture not "shifted" and I had to force myself not to obsess over it. "Those are brick walls... too much trouble to realign..". 

"...but it drives me crazy"!

But the refusal from others to assist us, when needed, to attain our "shifts" (for whatever reason), plants a bitter seed. 


September 27, 2018

So this is your brain…    

This is your brain on the cleanse. 

This is your brain not wanting to let go...

your body moving into habitual patterns. 

so has is been my life for the last seven years...

Constantly moving back into those habitual patterns.

I constantly stay in motion. (I am not being facetious or over exaggerating... 

at all)

I am...

always moving

always thinking 

always creating

always building

always growing

always teaching 

always taking care of someone.


Even when I’m sitting still, my foot is tapping, my leg is bouncing, I’ve got three projects in my mind I am processing. I multitask constantly. I am planning family calendars, yoga classes, my new art projects, inventory, advertisements, menus, emails… 

adding one more thing to my daily calendar 

and on and on and on.

My ex-husband complained that I was busy working all the time. My current sweetheart begs me just to come sit beside him on the couch and watch a show so he can touch me...

January 7, 2018

Time taken on purifying, cleaning, dry brushing, shaving and moisturizing... polishing and doting

on ourselves is necessary for the spirit. 

I lovingly take extra time today to be pleasing to the eye, the smell and touch. Painstakingly picking the perfect jeans that hit exactly right on my kick ass new heels... 

the finishing touch. 

As I sit on the floor and slide the first one on, I notice how pretty my toes look... freshly stone sanded and painted with his favorite color. Then as I wiggle and bend my leg under me in the most unnatural way to buckle those pesky side buckles, I secretly send love and gratitude out for my yoga practice and the ability to torque my leg in such a way without tearing any meniscus. 

As I buckle the first side, I notice the buckle fits best a litttle tigher than the last time I wore these shoes, evident by the slightly worn hole I was passing up for a tighter fit. 

Multiple flashing thoughts...

“Wow, my ankles are smaller.”

“Maybe they won’t look ‘thick’ anymore.”


December 12, 2017

Some of us bounce out of bed, ready to attack the world...

Some of us slowly crawl, rub, manipulate, ache, poke and prod, massage and coax. 

And others have a team of professionals that help us care for our whole body wellness so as we age, 

we can gracefully flow through our days with ease and contentment... 

mornings, evenings, 

our whole busy, filled days. 

I used to tell my students in Sanford that my triad of wellness professionals was my massage therapist Crystal, my chiropractor Andre and my vitamins and supplents guru, Mary. 

Crystal could get so deep under my shoulder blade to work out those 400 weekly chaturangas... 

the tinest shift allowing her access to deep rooted tension. Tension that built to no patience, edginess... even anger at times. 

Andre could make one tiny adjustment and all my strange pains like my left middle toe or a tweaky shoulder,  disappear. He could even adjust my collar bone for a micro breath enhancement. What yogi doesn’t love that? 

Mary created a combination...

October 25, 2017

It IS amazing how one truthful, inspiring conversation with like minded people can igite that deep seeded fire in you that had slowly begun to smolder. 

We all have a plan. 

THE plan. 

No variations, tangents, digressions. 

It is what we so carefully formulate we NEED to do. 

But shit happens, things fall apart, ends don’t quite meet, we are dependent on others to initiate some moving part, 



we begin to unravel 

and reel out of control. 

Was this a mistake?

What did I do? 

Why am I here?

I am not good enough!

I don’t chant enough or meditate enough... 

Why... and more whys?

We start doubting ourselves, 

our skill

our fortitude

our plan

...every single piece

(as if we half assed created it in the first place!)

This day I sit with my favorite wine,

in my favorite glass

in my favorite place in the entire world. 


reminds me...

of one of my favorite students

and THAT reminds me...

I AM loved

I AM an awesome teacher

I AM passion and light

I AM a tribe leader!


I reevaluate.  

What do most stude...

September 25, 2017

Everything we do has purpose...

ˈpərpəs: noun
1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

It is...motive, motivation, grounds, cause, occasion, reason, point, basis, justification... 

It is our intention or objective...

I collect shells and driftwood.  I build with large power tools. I make homemade gifts (because they mean more) and I play hard with those I love (even though I am a bit squirrelly most days). 

I empower my child. I draw on streets, eat chocolate and and I teach. 

I craft and hunt trees and paint when I need to be still and quiet. 

but somedays...

Somedays aren't great. 

So I sit. 

I stay quiet. 

I fold and release anything not serving me into this gracious earth. 

Somedays I just lay on my mat. 

... and that's okay. 

Somedays I am not my best self. 

Today I am angry, irritable, bristly… 

After 44 years of people telling and labeling me as bitchy, a complainer, self-centered...I have learned (in order to save a lot of heart aches of being misunder...

August 24, 2017

It DOES usually begin because we want to change the outward... 

the jello legs, the protruding belly, maybe that aggravating excess that hangs out of our bras, the inability to sleep, the drive to choke your boss... 

maybe even your impatience with your children. 

Some people begin because it is their "doctor's orders" 

(or rather the last solution to try)

My yoga began 13 years ago...

I was teaching school, standing on concrete floors all day. My back hurt constantly... my feet. My stress level was off the charts because I had three mentees, head of two committees and had a class of 7 EC students, 8 AIG and a smattering between. And yes...IEPs for all of them that required lengthly documentation. I also had a hearing impaired student who required a full time staff support to sit beside him who parroted every word I said as well as a speaker that was connected to a mic I wore at all times. 

I had never heard of Yoga. 

A friend recommended a local Pilates class, boasting a stronger core would e...

July 18, 2017

per·fec·tion: pərˈfekSH(ə)n/: noun

is defined as...

1. the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. 

2. a person or thing perceived as the embodiment of perfection.

the ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, a nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the last word, the ultimate, the best; 

"More the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible."

Who determines our standards of perfection with which we drive ourselves to? 

Are we not all in a constant state of "improvement, betterment, refining, and honing"? 

And if we aren't... 

we have achieved x, y or z... 

where do we sit, looking outward and basking in this isolated space of perfection?  

There is nowhere to go once we reach a state of (imagined) perfection. 

In our lives, 

on our mats 

or in our outward search for "more".

My sea walks (with inspired bouts of yoga and photo snaps) have started to lean to a repetitive conv...

July 18, 2017



an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, 

especially a theory or an abstract idea.

I am always looking for a great book to read. I found out some of my Oak Island, yogi friends were reading E2 by Pam Grout about manifesting your intentions. 

Small 48 hour experiments for even the most steadfast skeptic. 

I should probably start by telling you, God and I have been at odds for many years now after watching and praying about my mother's  alcoholism and spiraling bipolar disorder. 

I even got on my knees once... 

"Please God, let her understand how she is hurting us. Help her find the power to fight this. Bring her back to us." I prayed and prayed. My father told me that my prayers weren't being answered because I didn't truly give them to God. There was doubt in my heart. Well no shit. I had to clean my mother up out of her own vomit more than once. 

But I still prayed. 

To no avail.....

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