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40 Day

Yoga/Mantra Challenge

How do you join us 40 Day challenge?

Why 40 days? 

40 days straight will break any negative habits

(physically & mentally) that block you from the expansion possible through the mantra.

Pick the perfect time of day...(keep it the same everyday)

Pick the most convenient location...( should be the same place everyday)

Prepare your space...

        (yoga mat, candles, zafu, mala beads, hands or alternate counting tool)

Choose your mantra or intention/affirmation...(keep this the same as well for 40 days)

Now you are ready!

Use the provided 40 day calendar to document your progress.

     Feel free to use check marks, happy (or unhappy) faces, be creative, for each day.

Practice your provided sequence for at least 30 minutes...

        (join us in studio classes for handouts based on your yoga preference)

Yes...If you attend class, that counts as your yoga for that day but don't forget to meditate.

You can begin your practice or end it with your 108 breath mantra/affirmation practice.


This may seem daunting but think about this...

You breathe about 5 breaths in 30 seconds, 10 in one minute, 108 in just over ten minutes.

That is as much time as you spend in Savasana (on a good day right?) so now just put that time to good use!


You can do this!

Please let me know how I can assist you.

Be sure to click below to access your handouts...

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Micki Beach ERYT YWT.JPG
40 Day Mantra & Yoga Challenge Benefits.
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