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the Realization (the strength within me)

I still get amazed at others’ greed, self centeredness, arrogance, rudness...

superiority...(feel free to add here).  

I find my center,

I breathe so I don’t throat punch people,

I stretch and release the knots of frustration trapped in my body, 

I fold to humble my rising ego...

I do ALL these things... 

so I can be better...

more peaceful to others. 

My type A and OCD personality is too BIG for many, so I find peace in the storms through my breath and my mat. 


I am tossed right back into that sea of churning waves of chaos of others when they present to me (as an entitlement), exactly what I work so hard to shield them from...

in me. 

My pre-yogi nature emerges and says ”what gives you the right?” (and a few other nasty words)

....and then that saying comes back to me...”forgive them, they don’t know any better”. 

That’s hard....

YOU don’t deserve me on my bad days or even moments. I have learned to step back, reflect, soften my heart. 


I know the pain you hold makes you bitter and mean and unapologetic.  

Even though I KNOW ALL THIS....

when others take my softness, my calmness and accepting nature 

as weakness...

Well let’s just say...

The urge to kick someone in the spleen reemerges. Like ninja karate style....

So back to my mat I go...


It is a lifelong practice...

A daily practice...

A ritual to protect our souls, 

our sanity 

and our rap sheet. 

(I just want to drag some of those jerks to the mat as well.)

There is no excuse for rudeness or superiority. 

No one has the right to make you feel less than a superhero! 

And if they do... dig down into that uddiyana bandha and surge that solar plexus power right up to your throat chakra and speak your truth! 

Being a yogi 




to being a doormat! 

Repeat that! 

Let it be your mantra! 

And remember.....

It takes control to find restraint! 


It is strength! 

Be full of awesome! 

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