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the Choice: Thrive or Survive...

We all have our stories... the sad details of some life changing event that we may often feel no one would understand so we keep them buried deep within our heart. But these emotions take a toll on our minds and eventually, our bodies. Suppressed emotions block energy lines in the body. If we could take an energy microscope, so to speak, and take a little peak inside...we may see a roadmap to our emotional histories.

We stuff and compress these emotions into little pockets of the mind and heart thinking one day we will deal with them. One day will be better than today. This compartmentalizing leads us to a life of survival. A life of just simple existence where we tend to be reactive instead of proactive in daily encounters. We may choose the path of least resistance or blame our circumstances on others and make excuses when things go wrong in our lives. We tend to listen only to answer, not to actually hear what is being said. 

and we rarely speak our truth....

Do you fear change or have you recently been feeling that there is something bigger that you were meant to do? This is the path to "thriving". This need to grow, prosper, flourish and develop. But how do we make that leap. But what if we fall...or fail...

There are several steps you can take to begin living your unbounded life report 1. Get to know yourself...when you know your own strengths and even your weaknesses, you can clearly define what you love doing everyday! 

Make a list.... At the top write "I Am Unique"  On your list write what replinishes you. Do you feel more revitalization after spending time alone or does being in a social crowd help you recharge?  When you feel best, who is around you?  What are you doing? 

2. Now make another list... on one side write all your daily tasks on the other, write all the things you love to do

How do these two lists compare? Can you eliminate at least a few of the daily "tasks" that may drain your energy and replace them with something you love. Can that load of laundry wait until tomorrow so you can cozy up with a book and a cup of tea for 30 minutes? Seeing our day and our emotional needs on our list in front of us helps us rearrange our priorities. 

3. Who do you surround yourself with? Is all your free time spent surfing the web or reading political rants on face book? Make a list of all the people in your life who are living their dharma. Who do you know that is thriving and sharing their gifts with the world? These are the people we want to spend more time with. They have big plans, exude excitement, motivate and inspire others. They will help[p you keep moving towards the things you want. Not material things or money, but our true purpose. 

4. Thriving takes balance... not literally. Some of us have two left feet! But Think about how your diet, sleep habits, and time for "play" directly affect your life. At our studio we never encourage the idea that everything we are isn't perfect already but sometimes we feel we need to diet or make the resolution to "give up" something unhealthy in our lives.

 I recommend starting to incorporating healthier things into your life...people, mediation, Pranayama, yoga classes, and all the unhealthy things will start to fall away. Sometimes even unnoticed.

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