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the Ever Reaching Roots...


You have often heard us say at the studio that our family is growing. We have had teachers come and go and are often forced to practice non-attachment whether we want to or not. Well this time our Treehouse is growing! 

Many of you know the personal struggles my family has gone through the past year which ended with my husband and I deciding to separate. We finally understand we can be better parents and friends without being married. In this painful growth, I came to a crossroads. 

I have spent the last five years helping others heal. Creating my yoga studio has benefited so many, as well as myself, but at my crossroads I must decide now what is best for myself and my daughter. 

As a child, I spent my happiest times on Oak Island. My father was a contractor and built many of the houses down there. So as my water bearing spirit has always pulled me to the ocean when it needed healing, once again it calls my name.

I joked for years about the lack of yoga classes in Sanford and told Ned I should just get certified and teach my own. So I did. And my classes grew. There was a need for all that yoga had to offer. As my classes grew, instead of renting a space part time, I declared I needed my own studio so we could have classes whenever we wanted. And so I found our Treehouse. 

I couldn't find properly trained teachers to help me with the ever growing classes so I thought, I should train my own teachers so we would have the best in the area. So I got our studio painstakingly credentialed and have held two Yoga Teacher Training Sessions. We now have the best teachers in the area!! My goals in jest are coming to fruition. Who would have known? 

The last year there has been a soft whispering that I needed to open a second location. Offer our fantastic services, classes, workshops, kids camp etc to even more people. 

With this familial transition, I have discovered it provides the perfect opportunity to spread our Treehouse roots in yet a new direction.

Skylar and I have been working hard to find a new home and we have chosen Oak Island to lay our new roots. Our plans are to settle into our new life for the month of March and prepare a brand new studio at the coast. A 2nd Treehouse!


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