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the Blessing "Out"...

A yogi's blessing...

To the lovely woman in the blue SUV behind me in the carpool line this morning... 

I wish you peace today and a dissipation of anger due to my doing the speed limit thru 2 school zones.  Although the traffic was dense and my option to tailgate someone, as you did me, was not a choice I made in order to sit at a the next stoplight only longer...thru two cycles to be precise...angered you. I hope you take a deep breath and re-harness that middle finger into a satisfying mudra that will calm your spirit. And although I would have lovingly taken your picture also to share with the world, safety first when driving, so instead I send you these lovely flowers to brighten your day, in hopes that it gets infinitely better! I did tap my brakes, so you were aware of how close you were to me (in case you were meditating) in case I had a squirrel run in front of me... as did only 2 minutes later on Horner Blvd. As fond as I am of of you, I am so grateful that we would not be sharing a room at Central Carlina Hospital! 

Have a lovely day!

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