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the Sacred Time?

I forget how... 

to just simply breathe sometimes. 

My practice slows down the heavy drumming in my mind. The multitude of tasks we all face each day... lunchbox, check... feed the cat, check... mail that letter, check... thank the neighbor...and on and on and on. Not to even mention a job and the kid's needs and a mate we have to communicate lovingly with as we whirlwind around our lives and responsibilities. 

Its a wonder we even remember to breathe at all..

Having no mate and a highly intelligent, only child, I find little time for my own curosities. So i sneak pieces of poses... and breaths, in hopes that that shovel will keep her occupied just a few more minutes. I move slowly... and find my way back into  myself...

away from all the noise, 

to the thrumming of my heart. 

I heal my heart daily. One day the pieces will start to meld together again.. 

i know this. 

But until then, i offer what i can and allow myself to be loved...

when i can't love myself. 

But these prayers i offer with my body and breath and soul, stir an energy. 

A force of nature that is never allowed to exist alone. 

Energy attracts energy.  

So as i move through my stolen moments... 

my asana, 

i am distrubed by my little one with shells she wants to share with me. 

and wet, sandy babies who want to roll with me.

My frustration of disturbance slowly gives way as i see, 

i see...

that the energy i radiate when my heart is full,

pulls pure spirits to me...

to bask in this healing light. 

Attract love by being love....


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