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the Translation...

Fortitude. Bullheaded. Obstinate. OCD. Determined. Focused. Eager. Type A. Head Strong. Stubborn. Strong Willed. Dictatorial. Tenacious. Inflexible. Unrealistic. Hard Headed. Rigid. Unyielding. Perseverant. Steadfast. Resolute. Staunch. Mulish. 

Time and again for years, my creative energies were squashed. Project after project abandoned due to the "logistics". 


and over. 

"That won't work. This is impossible. Are you crazy? It's not worth the time it will take."


It will work if I try. 

Impossible only means I AM possible, if we believe it to be. 

Yes! I AM crazy. Thank you very much. 


It is ALWAYS worth the time, if it makes me happy. 

We let people...

label us

tell us what will work and won't

keep us in check, because they feel if we shine too brightly, it will take away their glory

make us feel unreasonable and ill equipped

We let go of our control because we begin to believe we are incapable. 

If we attack life with love and passion...

All things are possible!

So find your dharma...

And get out there and share your gift. 

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