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the Insight...(elemental essentials)

It IS amazing how one truthful, inspiring conversation with like minded people can igite that deep seeded fire in you that had slowly begun to smolder. 

We all have a plan. 

THE plan. 

No variations, tangents, digressions. 

It is what we so carefully formulate we NEED to do. 

But shit happens, things fall apart, ends don’t quite meet, we are dependent on others to initiate some moving part, 



we begin to unravel 

and reel out of control. 

Was this a mistake?

What did I do? 

Why am I here?

I am not good enough!

I don’t chant enough or meditate enough... 

Why... and more whys?

We start doubting ourselves, 

our skill

our fortitude

our plan

...every single piece

(as if we half assed created it in the first place!)

This day I sit with my favorite wine,

in my favorite glass

in my favorite place in the entire world. 


reminds me...

of one of my favorite students

and THAT reminds me...

I AM loved

I AM an awesome teacher

I AM passion and light

I AM a tribe leader!


I reevaluate.  

What do most students need? 

Why do they need this?


How am I skilled? 

How do I reframe my gift in a place where a yoga teacher is only a rock throw away any direction you aim?

What can only I offer? 


I AM a teacher. 

I am a teacher of teachers. 

So I pull 

and dig 

and reconfigure. 

I reformulate 

and reframe 

and combine and expand. 

What I offer is depth and growth in a nurturing, compassionate environment that speaks to every...single...student. 

I SEE my students...

their needs and hopes and  fears. 

I AM a warrior. 

Hear me roar! 

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